October 22, 2021

What orbi support steps should be followed if an Orbi satellite fails to auto update its firmware?

Did your Orbi satellite failed to go through the auto update of its firmware? If yes, then here’s the list of troubleshooting steps that can be followed to troubleshoot and update the firmware of orbi satellite. In order to quickly address the concern, kindly make sure you refer to this entire procedure in the given format only.

Many of the times users report that their Orbi satellite didn’t went through the auto update of its firmware. Usually, it happens if there is slow or intermittent internet connection, if the orbi satellite is placed too far from its router and if there is any technical defect within Orbi satellite. Here’s the troubleshooting procedure along with the steps to manually update the firmware of Orbi satellite whenever the auto update fails.

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Following is the list of troubleshooting steps that need to be followed when an Orbi satellite fails to auto update its firmware:

  1. Hard reset the Orbi satellite by power cycling it. Turn OFF the power switch for Orbi satellite and plug out all of its connecting cable cords. Leave the orbi satellite unplugged for 15-20 seconds and then connect back the wires back to its place. Power ON the Orbi satellite and check if now it goes through an auto update or not.
  2. If an Orbi satellite is not placed within the range of Orbi, then it can also be one of the contributing reasons for auto update failure. So, try to position your Orbi satellite nearer to the Orbi router.
  3. If you suspect any kind of technical issues with your Orbi satellite, then report the concern to Orbi Login team to get it addressed as soon as possible.
  4. If you are experiencing slow or intermittent internet connectivity, then try to reset the modem and router. If you still experience slow internet connectivity, then report the issue to your internet service provider team.

Other than troubleshooting and correcting the auto update feature, users may refer to the following procedure for manually updating the firmware of their Orbi satellite. Manual update requires one to first download a copy of firmware update file and then update the firmware of Orbi satellite.

Before updating the firmware, kindly go through the following steps to check the current version details of your Orbi satellite.

  1. Open the web browser on any of the internet connected devices under Orbi Wi-Fi network.
  2. Type http://orbilogin.com as the URL and hit the “Go” button.
  3. You will be directed to a login page, there type in the orbi account sign in credentials. The default user ID will be “Admin” and the password remains blank as the users can set it themselves while going through the setup procedure.
  4. Once you are logged in to the orbi account, locate the option for “Advanced” settings and click on it.
  5. Click on the option for “Administration.”
  6. Under “Administration” click on “Firmware Update” button and you will be directed to firmware update page.
  7. Users can check the firmware version details displayed on the “Firmware Update” page.

If the firmware is found to be outdated, then you may go through the following orbi support steps to manually update the firmware of Orbi satellite.

  1. Browse Netgear Download Center and download the firmware update file for Orbi satellite. Save this firmware update file at the “Desktop” location for an easier access while performing update.
  2. Locate the “Manual Update” button and click on it.
  3. You will be directed to firmware update page.
  4. Click inside the checkbox labeled with the model number of your Orbi satellite.
  5. Locate the “Update” button and click on it.
  6. The Orbi satellite’s firmware update page will open up.
  7. If in case you receive a prompt to submit the login credentials then type in the password for your router.
  8. Click once on the “Browse” button and select the firmware update file that you earlier saved to the desktop location of your computer. Usually this file might end with.img or .chk extension.
  9. After locating the firmware update file, click on the button labeled as “Upload.” It will start updating the firmware of your Belkin router and will complete the update within 5 to 10 minutes.

Note: Fix the http //192.168.l.254 not working issue.

Soon as the firmware update completes, users may click on “Status” to confirm the firmware update of their orbi satellite. That’s all, users can do to troubleshoot the concerns related to auto update and self update the firmware of their orbi satellite as well. The entire information being shared here is assembled in a simple and precise manner to be easily understood by all. Still, in case you find any difficulty while understanding, then feel free to make a call at Netgear Orbi Login. The team of orbi experts will be always there answer and address all the concerns related to Orbi.

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