October 22, 2021

What Are Orbi Setup Steps For Syncing Add-On Satellite To Orbi Pro Router?

Are you trying to sync additional add-on satellite with Orbi? If yes, you might be looking for a guide to get it synced correctly. Here is the complete procedure to help you in syncing the add-on satellite correctly with Orbi Pro router. Kindly go through the procedure and perform all the steps in the given sequence.

Netgear Orbi Pro is a classic example of how the power located in a single router can be distributed across multiple nodes. The combination of orbi router and satellite is designed to cover a building of up to 5,000 square feet. The Orbi Pro Router’s wifi network offers better and efficient network speed and coverage.

The process of syncing an Orbi satellite varies according to the type of satellite. The type of satellite includes the satellite that you got along with wireless Orbi Pro system (SRK60) and add-on orbi pro satellite that can be purchased alone without wireless orbi system. Here we have steps to help users in syncing add-on satellite with the Orbi Pro Router. Kindly, go through all the steps with keen attention and interest to correctly understand this concept of syncing add-on satellite with netgear orbi setup.

If in case the users have already set up an Orbi Pro Router and satellite, then go through the following steps to sync an additional add-on satellite:

  • Take the add-on satellite and locate it anywhere in your premises.
  • In case, you are unaware about the location of satellite then search for “Where should I place my Orbi Pro Devices?”
  • After this, the satellite must be connected to a working power outlet.
  • Check whether the LED light behind the satellite is glowing or not. In case, the LED light is not glowing then kindly turn the Power button to On and Off.
  • After turning ON the power button wait for at least two minutes so that the ring LED lights of satellite starts glowing solid white.
  • Soon the ring LED light starts glowing white kindly hold down the “Sync” button behind the satellite. After this, within 120 seconds press down the “Sync” button present behind Orbi router. If you find and problem while performing these steps then kindly get help from orbi tech support team.

After this the ring LED light of satellite will start blinking white in color. Soon the blinking of white light stops, it will start glowing in any one of the colors mentioned below. It will keep on glowing for approximately three minutes and turns off immediately by self.

The ring LED will glow in one of the following three colors. The significance of all these three lights has also been demonstrated under.

  • Blue: If the LED starts glowing Blue after the blinking of white light, then it signifies that the Orbi Pro Router and the satellite have synced successfully. It also demonstrates that there is a good connection between an orbi router and the satellite.
  • Amber: If the LED starts glowing Amber after the blinking of white light, then it signifies that the Orbi Pro Router and the satellite have synced successfully. It also states that the connection between an orbi router and the satellite is fair. To make the connection better or good it is recommended to move the Orbi router close and the satellite close to each other. Other than reducing the distance between an Orbi Pro Router and the satellite and must ensure that there is no electronic interfering device present between them.
  • Magenta: If the LED starts glowing Magenta after the blinking of white light, then it signifies that the Orbi Pro Router and the satellite are unable to successfully go through the sync process. In such a case, users will have to go through the syncing process again and check if the issue gets resolved. If you face any problem while syncing the device then visit netgear orbi support page for advanced troubleshooting steps and re-syncing steps.

If the LED light of satellite glows Blue for three minutes and stops after that then it means you have successfully synced the add- on satellite. Now you will be all set to use the new add-on satellite. Hope, this setup procedure proved to be helpful to you. For more such support steps and procedure keep in touch with our upcoming posts.

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