October 22, 2021
Netgear Orbi

How to reset the Orbi WiFi System to Factory Default Settings?

Orbi WiFi System is one of the topmost devices in the domain Wi-Fi systems that are capable of fulfilling the internet requirement of an entire household. If you are already using Orbi WiFi System and now want to know the procedure of resetting the Orbi WiFi System to its factory default settings, then the post will help you.

Recently, Netgear has added another feather to the cap of its world-renowned Orbi mesh Wi-Fi router system and from now onwards, users will get the facility of the main router, accompanied by one satellite and a cable modem (built-modem).

According to Netgear, users of this Wi-Fi can save up to $120/year while they would switch from renting a modem (accompanied by an ISP) to giving a one.

With the advancement of the internet technology, more and more people are making a presence in the online world. From children to elders of a household need seamless internet connectivity for performing various online tasks.

A Wi-Fi system is capable of connecting all of the devices of your home to the respective network and specifically with the Orbi router. You might think you are happy with the service of your present Ethernet connection, however, you will miss portability here.

The Orbi system has come with an array of incredible features that will make your internet connectivity experience flawless. Its main router is featured with three Ethernet ports and another additional port to connect to the internet modem. The satellite devices of Orbi are equipped with four ports. You can take help of the orbi support to know more about Orbi products.

Most of the mesh systems’ access points usually have two Ethernet ports and respective primary device generally preserves one of the two ports for the modem connection and so its users don’t get sufficient ports to solve their purpose in hard wiring their devices.

The Orbi system is featured with a brilliantly-designed tri-band Wi-Fi system and two of its bands comprise of Wi-Fi channels of the capacity of 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. These channels are used to make connections to the users’ smartphones along with other devices. It’s the best idea to take help from the Netgear Orbi Help to know more about this particular device.

The Orbi system helps to maintain the respective third band free from traffic. You will not experience any interference that can further slow the speed down. That additional band will work as a bridge for connecting the Orbi devices.

Due to this particular feature, the access points of the Orbi satellite are capable of delivering faster internet speed just like the primary router. You might discover other mesh router devices but with the Netgear’s product, you will get brilliant features at the affordable price structure.

With the help of Orbi device, you will get tremendous support with the WiFi devices. Now, it will be an effortless experience for you to stream online contents with seamless connectivity all around your home.

Ethernet ports of Orbi Wi-Fi system can be easily used on the router as well as on the Satellite for connecting the game console, Smart TV etc of the users. Its smart and sleek design is suitable for convenient placement in the wall outlets. In a nutshell, the collection of Orbi tri-band WiFi system has been brilliantly designed for a wider range of home environments.

Resetting Procedure of the Orbi WiFi System to Factory Default Settings

If you reset the Orbi WiFi system to factory default settings, then it means you are erasing the customized settings, including SSID or your network name and the password. If you are okay with it, then execute the following steps:

  • First, you have to ensure that the respective Orbi device is in its ON state.
  • Now, through the utilization of a paper clip or an identical object, you need to press as well as hold the Reset button until the Power LED becomes ON. The respective Orbi device blinks in amber color. In case of resetting of a wall plug satellite, the ring LED will blink amber.
  • Congratulations! The Orbi device is successfully reset.

In case you are experiencing any difficulty in executing the aforementioned steps, you should contact the Orbi Router Setup.


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