October 22, 2021

How to do orbi setup for an Orbi that is bought from Verizon for working with Fios?

Have you recently bought an Orbi from Verizon? If yes, then you might be looking to get it configured for using. Here’s the complete guide to help you in easily setting up the Orbi for working with all of the presently available Fios devices. So, kindly refer to the following set of steps to setup your orbi router for working with Fios devices.

Users will have to go through four major steps for setting p their orbi router to work with available Fios devices. These four major steps are as follows:

  • Disable the Fios wireless network of Version.
  • Go through the netgear orbi setup.
  • Download & install the Orbi application. Configure the settings for turning on the Wi-Fi network.
  • Configure the Orbi router to behave as an access point.

The detailed setup steps for all these four major steps are provided below. Kindly, go through all the steps to enable the working of Orbi with all Fios devices.

Steps to disable the Fios wireless network of Version:

If you have a Fios router then kindly go through the following steps to turn off the Fios wireless network of Version.

  1. Open the web browser on any of the internet supporting devices which is linked to Verizon Fios router.
  2. Type as the URL and click on “Go” or press the enter key.
  3. Login to your account by typing in the admin user ID and password details. The default ID will be as “admin” and password is mentioned on the label present behind the router.
  4. Click on the option for “Quick Links” present at the left side of that page.
  5. Choose the option to “Change Wi-Fi Settings.”
  6. Locate the button for “Wireless Off” and click on it. The LED light representing the Wi-Fi signals will turn Off. It means you have successfully turned off the Wi-Fi network.

If you have a Fios quantum gateway, then go through the following steps for disabling the Wi-Fi networks.

  1. Download and open the “My Fios” application on any of the mobile devices.
  2. Click on the option for “Internet” present at the home page.
  3. View the options within “My network” and click on “Enabled.”
  4. There you will find an option labeled as “Private Wi-Fi access.” So, turn OFF the setting for Private Wi-Fi access and the Wi-Fi settings will be disabled.

Steps to do Orbi router setup:

  1. Disconnect the router free from all the wired connections, leave it unplugged for 10 seconds and then connect back the connections.
  2. Bring an Ethernet cable and connect its one end to the Ethernet port of Orbi router and another end to the LAN port of Verizon Fios router.
  3. Connect the Orbi router to a working power outlet. You will notice that the Power LED behind the Orbi will start glowing. In case the LED does not glow, press down the ON and OFF button for once.
  4. Connect the Orbi Satellite to a working power outlet. The LED light for satellite will glow white and then start beeping white after is has successfully synced with Orbi router. After syncing the LED will glow Blue, amber or magenta for a minimum of 20 seconds and then turn off on its own. LED glowing Blue indicated that good connection has been established between Orbi and its satellite. It also indicates that the orbi satellite setup is all set for using with Orbi router. LED glowing amber in color indicates that a fair connection has been established between Orbi and its satellite. LED glowing magenta in color indicates that the Orbi is unable to connect to its satellite.

Steps for downloading the Orbi application and configuring Wi-Fi network:

  1. Open Apple or Google app store on any of your devices and look for the Orbi application.
  2. Once you find the Orbi application click on the option to “Download” and install it.
  3. Get the mobile device connected to Orbi router’s default Wi-Fi Network.
  4. Open the Orbi application and click on the option for “New System Setup” under it.
  5. Under “New System Setup” click on the option to “Create Wi-Fi Network”.
  6. Assign a name to Orbi wireless network as well as set a password for it.
  7. Click on “Next.” Your orbi router will be reset and the new Wi-Fi network will be enabled.

Steps for configuring Orbi router to behave as an access point:

  1. Open the web browser and visit orbilogin.com.
  2. Connect your device to Orbi router’s wireless network.
  3. Sign in to your Orbi account by submitting the login credentials.
  4. Locate the option for “Advanced” and click on it.
  5. Click on “Advanced Setup” and locate the option for “Router/ AP mode.”
  6. Click inside the check box for the option labeled as “AP Mode.” This will enable the access point mode.
  7. Now, click on “Apply” to retain the changes.

Once you have gone through all the above listed steps, your Orbi router bought from Verizon will be all set for working with Fios devices. Hope the information provided here proved to be helpful to you for more such information kindly visit orbit support page. There you will find most of the information related to orbi along with its setup and troubleshooting procedures.

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