January 28, 2022

How to configure CBK40 wired Orbi router and its satellite?

One can configure a CBK40 Orbi router by using an orbi application as well as by using a computer or mobile device with supporting internet connection. The procedure to setup orbi router setup CBK40 through an Orbi app has been shared here.

In order to setup CBK40 Orbi router through an Orbi app, users should first have the application downloaded and installed on their Android or Intel operating system based device. Here all the steps for setting up CBK40 Orbi router have been well explained to promote better understanding and ease the configuration procedure.

Following are the steps for configuring and activating CBK40 Orbi router through an Orbi application:

  1. Browse http://orbi-app.com from any of the web browsers present on your Android or iOS based device.
  2. Once the page opens up, locate the netgear orbi support application and click on the button to “Download” it. Follow the prompts to complete the installation of obi application.
  3. After the Orbi app is downloaded and installed, users should gather the complete information related to their Internet service provider account. This information may include account number, user ID, password and mobile number linked your ISP account.
  4. Ensure no pre-existing router or modems are left ON. It means all other router and modem need to be disconnected if a replacement of that router or modem is being done. The replacement can be simply made by unplugging the existing modem and then connecting back another modem through a wired connection into that same power outlet.
  5. Establish connectivity by using a coaxial wire. Plug in the one end of coaxial wire to the coax connector present on router and plug in another end into the cable outlet present on wall.
  6. Use power adaptor for connecting cable modem router to a working power outlet. Connect one end of power adaptor with cable router and connect another end to a working power outlet. Turn On the power switch and wait till the router turns to ON state. It might take a minute to power ON complete. The glowing of LED light in solid blue color indicates that the startup procedure has been completed.
  7. Wait and watch till Online LED light starts glowing solid blue in color. It might take up to 10 minutes for an online LED light to turn steady blue in color.
  8. Establish connectivity between Orbi CBK40 cable router and internet supporting mobile device or computer. Depending upon the convenience users may opt for a wireless or hard wired connectivity. For a hard wired connection users can connect the one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of computer and another to the router port. For wireless connectivity users must have the network ID and password of their existing wireless network. The network ID and password of router can be easily found on the device label present behind the router.
  9. Sign in to your cable orbi support to change the default password for admin account. Changing the default password makes the router more secure.

Following are the steps to change the default admin password:

  • Browse orbilogin.net from any of the web browsers or type as the URL in the search field of the browser.
  • Once the orbi login page opens up, type in the admin sign in credentials and click on the “Login” button. The default user ID is “admin” and the password is “password.”
  • After you are logged in to the account, find the “Advanced” settings menu and click on it. Under Advanced settings click on the option to “Change default password” by setting up a new password. Also, do not forget to set a security question to make it more secure.
  1. Ensure the internet service has been activated. Users may try to contact their internet service provider to get it activated.
  2. Position the Orbi satellite within the coverage range of CBK40 Orbi router. The satellite will try to sync itself with the configured cable modem.
  3. Wait till the satellite completely syncs with the Orbi router. If the ring LED light glows blue in color then the ring LED will start glowing blue in color. The glowing of ring LED light in Blue color indicates that the satellite has successfully synced and the connection between satellite and orbi router is good. If the ring LED blinks amber in color then it means the satellite has successfully synced but the connection is stated to be fair. So in this case try to bring the orbi router and its satellite closer to each other. In case, the ring LED glows magenta in color then it means the satellite has failed to sync. So, in this case users may try to sync the satellite again.

That’s all a user need to do for configuring their CBK40 Orbi router and its satellite. For more such information kindly visit orbi support page.

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