October 22, 2021
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How to add Orbi router under an insight pro by submitting the serial number at insight cloud portal?

Are you trying to register your Orbi router under insight pro? Is yes, then here’s the procedure for adding it by simply submitting its serial number at insight cloud portal. For better understanding, kindly refer to the procedure according to its provided sequential format.

There are multiple ways to register an orbi login under insight pro. Here’s the procedure to add Orbi by submitting the serial number at cloud portal of insight. For this, users need to have the serial number of their orbi router and an access to the cloud portal of insight. The Serial number of router can be found on the product description label present behind it.

Once users have the pre-requisites they may go through the following set of steps for registering their router.

  1. Open the cloud portal of insight and click on the “Network Menu” available on the upper side of the portal. It will show the list of available organizations. In case users are unable to view all the organizations then click on the option for “See All Organizations.”
  2. Click on the organization to which you want to register the router within the network location. A list of network locations will show up on the screen.
  3. Choose any of the preferred network location.
  4. Go to the upper right side of the page and click on the “Add” button. Users will get directed to new window where they can add their orbi router and other devices.
  5. Type in the serial no. of orbi router in the provided blank space and hit the “Go” button for once.
  6. The server will verify the serial number details and after validating, it will direct to another page where users will have to assign name to their router (device.)
  7. After assigning a name to the registered orbi users may hit the “Save” button.

It will retain all the changes and register your orbi setup under insight pro. After this, if a user wants to add manager to insight pro organization, then kindly refer to the following procedure. The manager for insight pro organization can be created with two types of access rights i.e. access to read and write or access for reading only. If a user wants to create a manager for handling everyday management activity then both read and write access rights should be provided to the manager. Providing read-write access rights helps the manager in adding and managing device locations, storage devices, internet network, etc.

Steps for creating manager for insight pro organization:

  1. Open the insight cloud portal using any of the browsers available on your device.
  2. Once a user is at the insight cloud portal, the list of organizations will show up on the screen.
  3. Locate the menu icon available on the above side of the page and click on it.
  4. Under menu options, click on the option for “Manager” and the user will get directed to the managers page.
  5. On the managers page user might see the list of managers if any of the managers was created earlier. If there are no pre-existing managers, then the field might remain blank.
  6. Users may click on the plus “+” icon for creating a new manager. A page was inviting the new manager will show up on the screen.
  7. Type in the name and email ID of the manager in the provided blank space. The name and ID is required while sending the invitation to manager. It is required, so that the manager can sign up and create an insight pro account with the provided email ID.
  8. Click on the menu for “Access Policy” and select any of the policies as per requirement.
  • Read and write: Choosing this policy will allow the easily manager to create and manage device locations, internet networks, storage units and other client deals.
  • Read: Opting in for this policy will allow the manager to only monitor device locations, networks. With this policy manager will be able to manage or edit locations, networks, etc.
  1. Select all the organizations for those the selected policy will remain applicable. If you wish to enable the policy for all organizations then click inside the check box labeled as “Select All.”
  2. In order to grant manager with an access to all future organization, users must click inside the check box labeled as “Allow access to all organizations that will be created in future.”
  3. Now, click on the button for “Invite.” The setup changes made till now will be saved and one invitation text will be sent to manager’s submitted email ID.

In this was users can add netgear orbi setup to insight pro and can also create manager for an insight pro organization. The entire setup procedure is simple and easy. Still, in case of doubts and concerns users can ask for advanced orbi technical support.

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