January 28, 2022

Can a wireless printer be connected with the Wi-Fi network of an orbi setup?

Are you trying to connect your wireless printer with Orbi Wi-Fi? If yes, here the complete information that might prove helpful to you while configuring your wire-free printer to work with the Wi-Fi network of Orbi router.

Users can connect their wireless printers with Orbi Wi-Fi network if they know the network ID, security type and password for connecting to it. Here’s the complete procedure to gain access to these pre-requisites that are required for connecting a wireless printer to Orbi routers Wi-Fi.

Following is the list of steps that need to be followed for identifying the network ID, security type and password of orbi Wi-Fi.

  1. Open any of the web browsers on your internet supporting device. The device can be any of the computers or smart mobile phones as well.
  2. Enter the URL as orbilogin.com and the orbi router setup page will open up.
  3. Locate the “Sign in” button and click on it to access an orbi account.
  4. Type in the default User ID and password for logging in to an orbi account. The default user ID is “admin” and the password will be “password.” Both user ID and password remain in lower case only. The password is case sensitive so make sure the password is typed in its actual format only.
  5. Once you are logged in, click on “Wireless” settings menu. The wireless settings page will open up. There you will be able to view the network name, password and security type of your orbi Wi-Fi. User can note down the information somewhere securely and can even make changes to the existing wireless setting options.

Once users have the pre-requisites i.e. orbi Wi-Fi network ID, security type and password, they may refer to the setup steps offered by the manufacturer of their wireless printer for configuring it to work with orbi Wi-Fi.

While configuring wireless printer with an orbi Wi-Fi, make sure you keep following performance affecting factors in mind. A decrease in the performance of orbi Wi-Fi can lead to delayed response time of your wireless printer as well.

Following is the list of factors that must be considered while setting up wireless printer with Orbi Wi-Fi:

  1. Shared network bandwidth: In case you and your neighbor is receiving internet service from a common internet service provider, then there could be a possibility that you both are using same bandwidth. This shared bandwidth can slow down the speed of your internet network which in turn can affect the performance of your wireless printer. So try avoiding this situation. If required get in touch with your internet service provider to get the issue addressed.
  2. Smart Speakers: If you have a smart speaker configured around then it could lead to network congestion. This is because it uses 2.4 GHz band for sending real time recorded audio files. In order to avoid congestion you may try connecting speakers to channel number 1 and the orbi router to channel number 11. The orbi router’s channel can be changed by logging in to that corresponding orbi account. Users may visit netgear orbi support page to access steps for changing the channel of their orbi router.
  3. Network Loops: A network loop can be formed if a user connects the printer or any other device to orbi router wirelessly as well as through an Ethernet cable. The formation of such loops will prevent the display of client device IP address lease. So make sure the printer and other devices are connected to orbi router through a single connecting medium only.
  4. Interference by cable modem: Many of the cable modems are reported for creating interference to orbi router. So, to avoid interference try positioning the orbi router at a minimum of three feet of distance away from the wired modem.
  5. Correct positing of Orbi router: Try to position your Orbi router at any of the central locations of your home. Also ensure the connecting wireless printer and other devices are placed within the network range of your orbi Wi-Fi.

Once you have configured your wireless printer and orbi Wi-Fi by satisfying the above listed consideration, you won’t experience any of the performance issues while using them. Hope the information shared here, proved to be helpful to you. For more such information always keep in touch with orbi support team. In case of un-addressable technical issues, users can ask for advanced help from orbi tech support persons.

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